High resolution soil maps

Omnia’s TerraMap (powered by SoilOptix) is a soil scanning system that maps nutrient and physical soil properties, to produce high resolution map layers at 800 data points per hectare

Using passive gamma-ray detection technology, TerraMap is able to measure the isotopes naturally emitted from soils to map a wide range of soil properties, including:

  • All common nutrient properties
  • pH
  • soil texture
  • Organic matter
  • Carbon
  • CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)
  • Elevation
  • Plant available water
  • And more!

Converting the raw scan into usable data is done by calibrating the raw scan against reference soil samples taken across the field – and processing the data to convert it into a wide range of soil property map layers.

To learn more about TerraMap, and the range of service levels available, please visit the Omnia website: www.OmniaDigital.co.uk

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