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Helping you to actively manage soil resources and optimise crop performance

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All our Healthy Soils in-field assessors are fully qualified agronomists, fully supporting each other with their shared agronomic expertise and knowledge.

With 23 agronomists trained to deliver our Healthy Soils assessment programme spread across the country we have a broad knowledge base to tailor our advice based on specific regional conditions.

To further support our in-field assessors we work closely with major agronomy companies to share insights and develop our methods and technologies to always deliver the most cutting-edge soil service possible.

Our Services

The unique Healthy Soils service was born out of an idea to provide growers with all the information needed to actively manage soil resources and optimise crop performance.

It is the only report to give both total and available nutritional and rotational nutrient-cycling, providing a programmed approach to soil improvement.


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Developing the Future of Soil Assessment and Management

As time moves on, so does technology. And this is particularly true when you look at what Omnia’s new TerraMap system can do, mapping 21 layers of soil data at over 800 points per hectare!

Now, working together with Omnia, our in-depth assessment of soil health can be used in tandem with Omnia’s TerraMap service for a more complete view of the field as a whole – making it possible to make informed decisions which reaffirm what is found in the soil assessment.

On the flip side, those that have had a TerraMap assessment first can find themselves wanting a more detailed look at a part of the field, to find out why it is behaving the way it does. Making a Healthy Soils assessment the perfect place to go.

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