The key to unlocking yield

As an irreplaceable, physical resource, it is essential to protect and nurture the soil if we are to continue producing crops under the current agricultural model.

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What We Do

Our hands-on in-field assessment measures and monitors soil health, maximises crop nutrition and reduces environmental impact.

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Spade measuring soil depth


Accurately maps the nutrient and physical soil properties in your field, at over 800 data points per hectare, for better informed and more efficient application planning!
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Benefits of the Healthy Soil Audits

These key areas show the health of your soils. The status of each component is assessed and quantified allowing a programmed approach for remedial action if required.

Chemical Components

Presence of minerals / nutrients in the soil plus availability for plant uptake including nutrient cycling

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Biological Components

Soil organic matter and "soil-life" including carbon content has a direct impact on soil health.

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Physical Components

Texture (sand, clay, silt fractions), bulk density, compaction / pans plus water infiltration

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