Healthy Soils unique service provides growers with all the information needed to actively manage soil resources and optimise crop performance. Healthy Soils delivers fully tailored reports, advice and recommendations for a more programmed approach to soil improvement.

Why is soil health important?

As an irreplaceable, physical resource, it is essential to protect and nurture the soil if we are to continue producing crops under the current agricultural model.

Healthy soil is more resilient to harsh conditions such as drier summers and wetter winters and helps to increase crop yields, lock up Carbon and optimise production.

How does the Healthy Soils assessment help me?

The following key areas show the health of your soils. The status of each component is assessed and quantified allowing a programmed approach for remedial action if required.

Each is assessed using appropriate techniques, either conducted in-field or by detailed laboratory analysis. All the elements are brought together in a detailed report, where recommendations and advice can be reviewed with you on a field-by-field basis.