In Field Assessment

Analyses every aspect of the soil to deliver a bespoke report, defining key action plans for improvements

Using in-field science and laboratory tests, our In Field Assessment sets out key recommendations and advice for improving your soil’s health. This benefits both the productivity and sustainability of your soil.

The findings of the assessment are delivered in a bespoke report detailing the findings of the soil audit, including the agronomist’s experience and historical farm/ field data. The report delivers a personally tailored action plan to remedy any issues identified in your soils.

A critical part of the assessment is to modify farm practices to enable soil organic matter to build, fauna and flora to flourish (especially earthworms) and to increase the moisture holding capacity of the soil.

Our In Field Assessment analyses three key components of the soil

Texture, bulk density, compaction/pans and water infiltration

Soil organic matter and “soil-life” including carbon content and activity

Presence of minerals/nutrients in the soil, plus availability for plant uptake including nutrient-cycling

Within the report from our In Field Assessment we will include key soil information from our tests, including:

  • Vess Test
  • Infiltration Assessment
  • Cropping and Cultivations Review
  • Soil Health Test and Soil Texture
  • pH and Key Nutrient (micro and macro)
  • Key Organisms and Earthworms
  • Soil Yield Potential Assessment


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